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Let's Be Franc
by Jonathon Alsop
November 1997

What was the best part of wine lover/hip-hop artist at large Damian Roskill's 30th birthday bash at Uva in Allston? Watching the birthday boy get carded! Granted, Damian doesn't look a day over 17, but I think this hyper-vigilance thing around alcohol has gone too far. I mean, even in a pinch, couldn't someone have said they assumed I was his father?

The second best part of the evening? A tie between NOT being mistaken for Damian's father, and the 1994 Bedford Thompson Cabernet Franc (retail about $20). This is an immensely muscular and tannic example of what California cabernet franc can be. Normally, cabernet franc is used sparingly as a blending grape with much larger proportions of cabernet sauvignon and merlot, or it shows up in a region of France called Corbieres. The Bedford Thompson was suffused with smoke and wood and deep dark fruit. Their syrah is excellent as well.

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